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A Pink Xmas

All I want for Christmas, a pick of the best girly gifts…

iPod Nano Pink

1. The iPod Nano in pink – the perfect gift, practical (to amuse yourself on those long train journeys or to motivate you to exercise more), and not forgetting the stylish dark pink colour (£115 for 8GB, Apple Store).

LG Cookie Pink

2. LG Cookie Mobile in Pink – Stylish, reasonably compact touch-screen phone.

Dell Pink Laptop

3. Dell Inspiron Laptop – Surf the web in style.

Butter London Nail Polish

4. Butter London Nail Polish – This primrose hill picnic colour is the perfect shade of dark pink.

Asos.com Pink double breasted coat

 5. Asos.com metal button coat – Wrap up warm in this pretty in pink coat.

Shiver Frill Shoe (Topshop)

6. Shiver frill shoe – party the night away in this magenta dolly-like shoe from Topshop.

Bed Head After Party

7. Bed Head After Party – Finally, don’t leave the house before using the best hair-styling product around. A little of this magic hair cream will smooth your hair to perfection and leave it smelling amazing – who needs straightners…


Clairol Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences
I remember the first time I came across Herbal Essences shampoos/conditioners. I was 16 and on  a school history trip to New York, and one of my friends left her bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo in the bathroom that we were sharing in the hotel. A chance sniff and I was sold, not bought any other shampoo brand since…

Over a year ago, Herbal Essences changed their shampoos and conditioners and introduced a new range. There are quite a few varieties, and the 2 that I use are the seductively straight (pink bottle) and dazzling shine (green bottle) shampoos & conditioners.

Seductively Straight (pink) – with their silk & pear extracts; both the shampoo & conditioner make my hair smooth, shiny and you can smell the pear scent even after drying. Although this is my favourite, I do find that when used on a regular basis my hair can feel weighed down (due to its consistency), so I alternate with the lighter dazzling shine shampoo/conditioner (green) with its berry, tea & orange flower extracts makes my hair incredibly shiny and I love the citrus smell…

Mmmmmmmm, I fancy jumping into the shower now…

Persil’s Naturals Range

Persil Naturals Powder (Olive Blossom)

I admit that it’s a bit sad getting excited about washing powder! However, I actually enjoy household chores and love the smell of freshly washed clothes.

One of the gripes that I had was that there didn’t seem to be any washing powders that were skin-friendly with the added benefit of smelling fresh. I’ve been using the original persil non-bio for over 10 years and then about two years ago the manufacturers changed the formulation so that it smelt different. Thankfully, Persil realised the gap in the market and introduced the ‘Naturals’ range which not only has a lovely scent, a non-bio formulation (for us sensitive types) but also it’s research into skincare is validated by the British Skin Foundation. There is also a complimentary ‘Naturals’ fabric conditioner from Comfort.

I’ve started using the Olive Blossom blended with camomile powder, which comes in a big yellow box (2.21kg) you can’t get anything smaller and costs £6.67 in Sainsburys, although I managed to get it cheaper as it was on special offer. The big box maybe a little impractical for just me, but then I’m guessing that it will be a longtime before I need to purchase another box!

As for my washing; the smell is gorgeous, really fresh and not at all over-powering. Finally, fresh smelling laundry for sensitive skins 🙂

The Gabrielle Jean by Genetic Denim

I’ve raved about Genetic Denim before and I’ve come across another style that I’m pining after… The Gabrielle jean has the same fit as their Shane cigarette, but is a limited edition and the brand will donate 100% of the net proceeds towards the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for cancer research – a worthy cause & I love the colour with its minor distressing, my mum will be pleased she’s not a fan of my distressed jeans…

The Gabrielle Jean (by Genetic Denim)

The Gabrielle Jean

Hippy headband trend

head gear that's earthy with urban appeal
head gear that’s earthy with urban appeal by style observer featuring Free People accessories

Whether it’s in style this year or the next, I’m an avid fan of the hippy headband (you’ve probably figured that out from my photos). Most of the models on the freepeople website are styled with some headband, and countless celebs like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton & Taylor Swift have been sporting this bohemian trend.

It may look gorgeous on the models and celebs but translating this look in real life is rather difficult! The last time I attempted it one summer, my boss said I reminded him of Pocahontas and the guy serving me in Starbucks had this almighty grin on his face. Which is why I keep this look for a day at the beach or random photo-shoots.

Where can you buy hippy headbands? – I’ve mentioned a website called Etsy in a previous post, here you’ll find a variety of sellers that make unique headbands, my favourites are listed below:

Lulu headband (by HeadCaseByG)

The lady that made this , shop HeadCasebyG ,  describes it as ‘a two-tiered headband adorned with a scattering of simple white blossoms. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, party or even a casual day around town…I wear mine with jeans and a tank all the time! Guaranteed to make you feel pretty!’

Wire Crown (by Whichgoose)

This Beatrix wire crown with creamy white flowers  ($45 but ships to the UK) would be perfect for a bride or bridesmaid. I’ve purchased from Whichgoose and had a customed made daisy crown which was gorgeous.

Daisy Headband (By Mary Jane Frances)

Daisy Chain - Hyde Park

Woodland Hippy

In the pictures above, I’m wearing a daisy headband that was made by Mary Jane Frances via her shop on etsy.

It’s all about Etsy.com

I’m always on the look out for unique pieces and there was a period where I was an avid ebayer. Then about a year ago, I managed to stumble across a website called Etsy. It’s a website where you can buy and sell handmade items, in addition to purchasing vintage dresses etc… What I like about etsy is that you don’t have to wait to find out whether your bid on an item has been successful, instead you see something you like and then just pay – simples 🙂

One such purchase, I made a custom order to a seller (a lovely lady called Becca) who has a store on etsy called Happiknits. I wanted her to knit me a pink capelet with roses for a wedding last summer. It’s not often that I praise great customer service, but Becca was amazing, sending me pictures to make sure I was happy with the colours. When it arrived the capelet was soo beautiful, exactly what I wanted in size and colour, and it came gorgeously wrapped. I can’t recommend her enough…

Custom Rose Capelet (by Happiknits)

Custom Rose Capelet (by Happiknits)

Dorothy Perkin’s Must-Haves

I’ve often found some lovely feminine pieces at DP, and below are some of my most recent purchases.

Suede bow ankle boots (Dorothy Perkins, £42)

Check Western Shirt (Dorothy Perkins, £25)

Multi ditsy jersey dress (Dorothy Perkins, £30)

Ditsy blouse (Dorothy Perkins, £22)

Me in the DP ditsy shirt and J Brand Ripped Pencil Leg Jeans.