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Persil’s Naturals Range

Persil Naturals Powder (Olive Blossom)

I admit that it’s a bit sad getting excited about washing powder! However, I actually enjoy household chores and love the smell of freshly washed clothes.

One of the gripes that I had was that there didn’t seem to be any washing powders that were skin-friendly with the added benefit of smelling fresh. I’ve been using the original persil non-bio for over 10 years and then about two years ago the manufacturers changed the formulation so that it smelt different. Thankfully, Persil realised the gap in the market and introduced the ‘Naturals’ range which not only has a lovely scent, a non-bio formulation (for us sensitive types) but also it’s research into skincare is validated by the British Skin Foundation. There is also a complimentary ‘Naturals’ fabric conditioner from Comfort.

I’ve started using the Olive Blossom blended with camomile powder, which comes in a big yellow box (2.21kg) you can’t get anything smaller and costs £6.67 in Sainsburys, although I managed to get it cheaper as it was on special offer. The big box maybe a little impractical for just me, but then I’m guessing that it will be a longtime before I need to purchase another box!

As for my washing; the smell is gorgeous, really fresh and not at all over-powering. Finally, fresh smelling laundry for sensitive skins 🙂


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