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Spring’s Pastels…

I’m looking forward to Spring, and have already updated my wardrobe…

This pretty lilac rose skater dress from topshop is perfectly girly, and although it may not be warm enough to wear on its own, for now I wear mine with black tights and a polo neck underneath.

The above pink crochet blouse is from Miss Selfridge, ideal for wearing with jeans for a casual daytime look. Because I like my clothes to fit well, I bought this in a size 4 rather than my normal size 6, not tight at all…

Pink Cardigan by edc purchased from Esprit.


Jodhaa Akbar

I must admit that I haven’t watched a Bollywood film in years, and when I have, the theme has always been the same – good triumphs evil and lots of singing and dancing! So, when I was at home with my family at Christmas, my eyes rolled when my mum said that she wanted to watch an Indian film that apparently had won lots of awards. As I rarely get to spend much time with my parents, I thought what the heck I’ll sit and watch it with them, but had a book by the side of the sofa just incase 🙂

Jodhaa Akbar is a sixteenth century love story between Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar (known as Akbar the Great) widely considered to be the greatest of the Mughal emperors, and his Hindu wife Jodhabai.

When Akbar won the allegiance of the Rajputs, in order to further strengthen relations, the King offered him his daughter to marry, Jodha, a fiery Rajput princess. Jodhaa initially resented the political marriage of convenience; she was strong to her faith and continued to practice her religion and was clear to point this out to Akbar. Akbar allowed her to practice Hinduism despite protestations by his Muslim entourage. The film revolves around Akbar’s challenge to win the love of Jodhaa. Of course there are people who try their best to spoil things between them, but lo and behold they get there in the end!

I never thought that I’d sit through the whole film, but it was a pleasure to watch. The actors, Hrithik Roshan (plays Akbar) and Aishwarya Rai (plays Jodhaa) were not only pleasing to the eye but superb. I can only imagine that this film must have cost a lot to make…

My mum & dad enjoyed it soo much that I bought it off Amazon for them to add to their collection of films.

The Tithe Barn in Hampshire

Set in the beautiful countryside, I had pleasure in visiting this stone barn last September for my close friends wedding.

I took the train from Waterloo to Petersfield and then got a taxi from the station to the Barn. I had to get up very early on a Sunday to make sure that I got there on time, but it was definitely worth the commute, not just because my friend was the first in our group to get married, but also the location itself was very picturesque. The wedding was made more enjoyable by the fact that the weather was superb, an unexpected surprise considering it was in September.

The couple hired out the barn for a Hindu wedding ceremony. The interior was grand and modern, and they had a great big bathroom which provided lots of space for me to change into my sari 🙂 There was also an adjacent meadow, and car parking available for over 80 cars.

I’d definitely recommend this as a wedding venue, absolutely gorgeous…

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Castell Coch in Cardiff

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Castell Coch is a beautiful 19th-century ‘fairy tale’ castle in the north of Cardiff. I last visited the castle in July last year for a family wedding. The room where the ceremony took place was full of charm – ceilings and walls intricately hand-painted. The small castle is surrounded by woodlands, where people often take walks or cycle (I can’t imagine cycling up the steep hill towards the castle – far too exhausting!).

Lets face it, every girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and the quaintness of the castle provides a magical venue for a wedding – I was jealous!

A word of advice! – if you’re wearing sky-high heels, be careful walking up the drawbridge – I’m surprised I didn’t trip up 🙂

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Fader – The Temper Trap do it again…

Good timing as I think I’ve played ‘Sweet Disposition’ a good few too many times! Now I’m in love with Fader – very catchy. Infact, I’ve just downloaded their album, Conditions, off itunes – worth the money.

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

I can’t stop playing the song, Sweet Disposition by an Australian band called The Temper Trap. I first heard it a couple of days ago on the Channel 5 advert for the new series of Numb3rs. Brilliant song, which you can listen to on youtube (play video below), or download off itunes.

Cath Kidston – Clarendon Cross (now closed)

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* UPDATE: Clarendon Cross shop now closed and replaced with one on Portobello Road.

I love floral patterns, and as soon as I enter this rather kitsch shop, I’m in heaven 🙂 From dresses to ironing board covers, this shop is for girly girls… Products are reasonably expensive, but well-made, and one of the ladies that works in there (I think she has worked there for years) is very friendly. I enjoy my little trips in here. Locationwise, Clarendon Cross is quietly tucked away from the main street, and is within a short stroll from Holland Park Underground Station.

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