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Dulux Paint Pod

When it comes to anything relating to DIY, normally I wouldn’t get involved, sorry to be sexist but I’ve always thought men love that kind of thing 🙂

However, I decided that my flat needed re-decorating and wanted to paint it – I managed to do it over the first bank holiday in May, all thanks to the Paint Pod by Dulux. I managed to breeze through and even had enough time to do two coats of Timeless.

Initially I was sceptical to the ease of how it looked on the Dulux website tutorials, but setting up is very straight forward, the only thing that you must ensure is that you properly clean the system, otherwise you’ll find that pushing the paint trigger button can become a bit harder… The finish was good, and the smell was virtually odourless…

Now this bank holiday, I’m painting my doors white, but have gone for B&Q wood paint, unfortunately Dulux’s version is far too strong in smell!

To think that my colleagues took the mick out of me and said I wouldn’t last 5 minutes decorating – proved my point, but it pains me to say that I didn’t enjoy it…


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  garry wrote @

Well. I hope you have motivated many people to paint this weekend. Great stuff.

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