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Born Rosie Sandals & Parcels2go

I love heels but most of the time that means painful feet, if like me you like walking everywhere… So, after reading reviews about this Rosie sandal by a company called Born, I immediately had to purchase them.

Only problem was that the online websites that stocked the sandal were in the US only, and they didn’t offer international shipping. I did however manage to get around this by purchasing off a site called zappos.com, and they shipped it to a warehouse address in Florida, that I paid £19.99 + VAT to rent for a year from a UK based company called Parcels2go.com

It sounds like a simple solution, being able to buy products from the States, get them shipped to this US address, which once received parcels2go will send you an invoice with the shipping cost to send the items to you in the UK.

I must say that I’ve never come across such awesome customer service than what I got off zappos.com, they upgraded my delivery to next day for free and you can call them 24/7, which means that you don’t have to worry about the time difference. The same cannot be said of parcels2go, eventhough I sent them an email a day before explaining that they should be expecting a delivery for me, in addition to a copy of the invoice and my customer reference number. Despite this a week after the shoes were delivered to the warehouse (with my reference number clearly labelled on the parcel), I heard nothing. So, I sent an email wondering what has happened to my parcel. Suddenly they replied and sent an invoice with the shipping costs. Once paid, I had no email confirming that the shoes had been shipped and were on their way, despite me sending them a couple of emails kindly asking them to confirm the status.

Now, I’m the most chilled out person normally, and although this renting a US address and getting parcels delivered to the UK is a genuine service (finally received them today), I felt that I had to chase them to get things moving, which I found frustrating at times, but they did eventually respond. However, all is now forgotten once my beautiful sandals came – thankfully they fit otherwise all that effort would have been for nothing!


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