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J Brand’s Love Story

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Although I wasn’t born in the 70’s, this has to be one of my favourite fashion eras – headbands, long hair, flares, flowers… In fact, I think I would have fitted in well as an Asian hippy 🙂

Whilst there are many jean brands on the market, I’ve found my favourite two (J Brand & Genetic Denim). I first came across J Brand two years ago, when Kate Moss was spotted in their Love Story style. I bought my first pair in Selfridges for around £180. Yes, it’s a lot of money to spend on a pair of jeans, but the quality and fit is superb. I had to get them taken up a bit as their 35in inseam is a tad too long for me, but great if you’re 6ft and can’t find jeans long enough.

Since purchasing them, I tend to wear them mostly in the summer months as you need high heels & good weather to make these work, whilst skinny jeans are more versatile. Luckily they’re still selling them on J Brand’s website & Shopbop; both offer international shipping. I’m contemplating getting another pair (this time in a smaller size, as they stretch a little) and in Dark Vintage rather than Ink – their light weight version would be perfect for summer months…



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