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Science Museum Lates

The Science Museum hold adult only events once a month, and it’s free entry!

Each one has its own theme. The first one I went to was in November last year. I managed to drag along a few boys from work, only because the theme was ‘Sex & Science’ and not because they were geeky. It starts at 18:45 on a week day, so most people come directly from work. What struck me was the length of the queue (you would be advised to get there early), and the number of young people (most looked like they were in their twenties/thirties). Although the boys were anticipating something more sleezy, they weren’t too disappointed as we ended up participating in a speed dating event (you had to purchase a ticket) organised by Xfactordates. I admit that it was somewhat bizarre talking to random people for a couple of minutes, but all in all most people were doing it for fun and not for looking for Mr/Miss Right. There was also an opportunity to get your grove on in the silent disco, but sadly I missed that opportunity.

I’ve been to a few more since that night, and I’m looking forward to the next one: The Science Of You (Wednesday 30th June): The Science Museum describes what the night will hold:

To celebrate the opening of our new brain science and genetics gallery Who am I?, we’ll be bringing you an evening packed with the pleasures of the body and the brain. Be one of the first to discover what your voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex or morph your face to see what you’ll look like as you age on some of our brand new interactive exhibits. You’ll also have the chance to encounter striking object displays, iconic artwork and find out much more about your own identity. Plus all our regulars will be available for you to enjoy… come along and show off some dance moves that would make your ancestors proud in our Silent Disco or see how good your memory really is in our famous Pub Quiz.


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