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Playsuits are quite difficult to wear, and I bought this particular one from Topshop last year but never worn it until recently when my friend wanted to test their new camera out.

The length is a little short for walking down the street in!


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  never you mind wrote @

hi abi

Just thought id see if i could find anything more about you, so i typed in your name with my fingers crossed and up popped some pages.

I’ve found out you like pink, the countryside, thoughtful people, kind men, good music and lots of food from rather good restaurants so my fact file is growing and i will add this to the newspaper clips, photos, videos and other articles i have about you in the suitcase under my bed !

Can we go out on a date? but not a restaurant coffee shop, bar or similar in west london !

Ill wear my skin tight brown corduroys and hopefully embarrase you as well as make you smile!

Hope things are ok in abida land.

Ben (potential admirer!)

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