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Estee Lauder: Original Pleasures versus Pleasures Bloom


I love spraying my neck and wrists with fragrance.

The original Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume has been my signature scent since my mid-teens. Over the years, I’ve bought many perfumes, most of which have only been squirted a couple of times, and none of them compare to Pleasures. I guess I’m a little boring, once I love something, I’m incredibly loyal and would always keep using it.

I recently read an article on new fragances in Marie Claire magazine, and noticed that a new version of Pleasures had been released. So on a recent trip to Boots, I see the Pleasures Bloom bottle sitting on the counter, the same sheer bottle as the original Pleasures but with a pretty pink flower around the top. The advertising is very good, the beautiful model, Hilary Rhoda, sitting in a field of flowers (much like Elizabeth Hurley & then Gwyneth Paltow in the advert for the original years ago).

I sprayed the tester on my wrist, the fragrance is light, pretty but a bit too fruity for my liking.

Estee Lauder keep creating different versions of Pleasures, but the original is my favourite of them all and the one that I’ll continue to keep wearing. If you like light, fresh, floral scents then this original version is for you. I prefer my scent to not be too overpowering that you immediately notice it from a mile off, particularly as my mum is quite sensitive and strong smells can give her a headache, and this is the only one that my mum likes and occassionally asks to spray some on her wrists 🙂

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