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Sugardaddie.com Review

Wealthy men & Attractive women – is it just human nature?  My experiment with Sugar Daddie…

Why do more rich men marry beautiful women and not the other way around? Like it or not, we live in a world where women tend to choose (in a potential partner) financial success and stability over looks, where as men generally choose beauty over all else.

“Men and women have different minds” The differences are the direct result of evolution. Women’s minds evolved to suit the demands of bearing and rearing children and of gathering plant and food. Men’s minds evolved to suit the demands of rising in a male hierarchy, fighting over women and providing meat to their family.

Sugardaddie.com caters for the above. Men that join are supposedly wealthy, successful & older (although there is no verification service) affectionately termed ‘sugardaddies’, where as the women are young and beautiful known as ‘sugarbabes’.

Who joins the site – Unsurprisingly there are more females than males registered, the men in my experience can be broken down into certain categories:

  • Married/Attached men looking for discrete relationships
  • Single men wanting a no-strings type relationship
  • Single men open to a long-term relationship (these men tend to be much older, and are in the minority).

Not to be sexist the women can also be broken down into:

  • Hookers (the vast majority)
  • Women looking for someone to spoil them
  • Equally successful women looking for their equal
  • Older successful women looking for younger, attractive men (very rare)

In my opinion, anyone that joins SD in the attempt of finding a long-term partner is likely to be disappointed. That’s not just pure cynicism on my part, but relationships built on just wealth and looks are not conducive to long-term, stable relationships…

Why did I join? When I had bad experiences with men (you know, being nice never gets you anywhere), I decided that I was going to use men for my personal pleasure. At first the idea of asking men to buy me things felt weird, all my life, I’ve been the one that’s been kind, not interested in material possessions. This time I wanted to change my personality, become more assertive, it’s surprising how men don’t mind buying a woman what she wants… For once it was nice to be spoilt, to know that if a man wants something from me, he needs to earn it!

Sugardaddie.com isn’t a scam website; I’ve met quite a few genuinely successful men (I’ve done my own verification, it helps being smart!); ranging from directors of successful companies, music producers, QC, surgeons, bankers (what a surprise!) and academics. None would particularly struggle to find a woman in the conventional way, but they’re single because they can’t hold down a relationship – not everyone wants to have a long-term partner/get married and have kids…

However, when a nice guy comes along that can change. I once met a lovely Danish guy who didn’t stay on the site for long. He said something rather simple but meaningful. ‘Look I’m successful, earn lots of money, but rather than go to the ‘best’ places all the time, I also like doing simple things – I want someone to enjoy a good life with but be simple too’. Why did I give him up, he was even desperate to have a baby 😦

Men and women are equally as shallow as each other; it’s just human nature…

Website: sugardaddie.com


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  Steven Frank wrote @

In your sentence:

For once it was nice to be spoilt, to know that if a man wants something from me, he needs to earn it!

Do not mistake “earn” for “buy”, as you know they are, especially in this context, two _totally_ different things. Granted, the boundaries are blurry, and usually even those things that do touch us deeply are related to some sort of money spending. One can assess by a) the impact (does it touch my heart?) and b) the incentive (wat was intended with the action?). If b) is selfless that is usually a good indicator. a) will be subject to your experiences, your habits, your character – and is subject to constant change. With the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson – watch your thoughts 🙂

Overall it is sad to read that, if the above staements still hold, your experience forced you to give up. All the best to you.

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