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The forgotten art of handwriting

My close friend (who lives in Malaysia) recently complained that she’s bored of receiving emails and text messages, instead she’d love a hand-written letter.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t hand-written a letter since my early teens. I used to write regularly to my dad whose occupation resulted in travelling to remote parts of the world for much of his working life – the telephone lines weren’t good where he was, so letters were the only form of communication. Writing to my friend just brought those warm memories back.

With an email or typed letter, you can edit it as many times as you wish before you send. I concede that with writing it’s a little frustrating when you’ve made a spelling-mistake or forgotten to add a point, of course there’s always the handy tipex, but being a perfectionist, would rather tear up the page and start all over again!

Once I got started on my letter, I found that I couldn’t stop, in fact ended up writing four pages. At the end, I felt rather proud of my achievement, it’s all to easy to text or email, but taking the time to write to someone properly shows that you care. Luckily for me, I’m blessed with clear, legible hand-writing. Years ago, someone told me that illegible hand-writing is a sign of intelligence – I told him I didn’t subscribe to such a notion, and that the whole point is being able to decipher what’s written, it’s called COMMUNICATION!

The good old days are gone, with computers being commonplace, I can’t imagine that todays children properly learn the art of handwriting, perhaps only when writing their Christmas list to Santa 🙂 Yes, it’s old fashioned, but if someone I knew wrote me a hand-written letter or note,  I’d feel rather touched.

I may have forgotten the art of handwriting, but I’m still old fashioned when it comes to communicating with good friends. Yes, I have a mobile, but most of the time it’s switched off. I only really have it as a form of contact for work, and it’s a convenient means of letting someone know you’re running late for an appointment or vice versa. To be honest, I could live without my mobile, and I like the feeling of not being contactable 24/7 – a chance to escape from modern day life… Whilst friends and work colleagues obcess over their latest new iPhone, I look at them with dismay. The worst form of comunication is texting (and the reason I dislike mobiles); both receiving and sending. Now it seems we’ve forgotten the art of speaking!


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  Garry Wright wrote @

This is a really nice article that makes one think about this modern world, and whether tech can replace the hand written word.
You have convinced me that handwriting is more romantic….

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