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I’ve always been interested in learning more about the chemicals used in products. In fact, Chemistry was my favourite subject at school. I’d spend hours reading Chemistry related books, the easiest exam I’ve ever done was A-Level Chemistry, I left after an hour and knew I absolutely nailed it. I was offered a scholarship to study Chemistry with a year at Glaxo, but opted for Physics at university instead. Having sensitive skin meant that working in a lab full of chemicals wasn’t for me – shame as I would have absolutely loved it!


Skincare is a minefield. Something as simple as researching the best skincare products for sensitive skins is more complex than I thought. All I was looking for is a reputable brand which combines simple, nice smelling products that work, and don’t have an ingredient list as long as my arm! So, I read through the list of popular brands such as Clinique, Clarins, Dermalogica, Avene, Liz Earle, Neals Yard… The list goes on… I thought my search had stopped when I came across New Zealand brand Trilogy. Their sensitive skin range looked perfect, and had glowing reviews. I read through the small list of ingredients and came across Phenoxyethanol. I hadn’t heard of this so after a little googling found that it’s used commonly as a preservative in organic skincare (a replacement to parabens). Fair enough, I understand that preservatives are required to pro-long the self-life of products. However, after reading more info on Phenoxyethanol on the cosmetics database, it’s actually classified as a known irritant, in fact Japan restricts its use in cosmetics.


Although the concentrations of Phenoxyethanol used in cosmetics are normally less than 1%, I felt a little hesistant to purchase products for the face that contain it. Sometimes it can be easy to overlook terms used to describe products like ‘sensitive’ or ‘hypo-allergenic’ as fine, until you read the ingredients list – I like it when some websites actually provide that information before you buy.

I questioned whether I would come across a high-end skincare range that was kind to skin. Luckily I heard about MV Organics – their gentle cleanser and moisturiser looks more like what I am looking for, shame there aren’t many reviews for the brand just yet…




  Catherine wrote @

Great post. Marie Veronique Organics is a great choice. See all their ratings in the EWG’s Skindeep database here: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/browse.php?comp_id=892

  Mac wrote @

i know you’re not talking about Marie Veronique, but rather MV Organics from Australia made by Sharon McGlinchey 🙂

i too have very sensitive rosacea skin (i’m Scandinavian) and i refuse to use anything but natural and organic skincare, bodycare, haircare and even household products. i read labels to the tee. many so-called organic skincare brands are far from honest and truly natural and organic. however MV Organics are, and they are gorgeous products. very calming and hydrating. i really think you will enjoy their products. the pure jojoba oil is also perfect for nighttime or if you have small breakouts.

i hope this was of help 🙂 good luck!

  kensingtonabida wrote @

Thank you, yes, MV Organics looks like what I’ve been looking for. Thank you, I will take your recommendation and buy 🙂

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