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Claudia Schiffer Perfectly Fit DVD

It’s the start of a new year and one of my resolutions is to take care of my health. After collapsing a couple of weeks ago, a combination of illness and being weak, my doctor suggested that I would benefit from putting on weight and that exercise will help get my appetite back.

I’ve always been naturally thin, but the past couple of months, I’ve lost my desire to eat. Instead, I’ve been coming home from work and then studying for hours without breaks. It wasn’t until after I collapsed that I saw how weak I was. I looked in the mirror and saw my twiglet-like legs, and even a female porter mentioned that I’d look more beautiful if I put on some weight – and that coming from a woman!

It’s very easy to get out of the routine of regular exercise. I think being naturally thin can make you a little complacent – most people have a target to lose weight. However, just because you are skinny; it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re fit. I’m not a gym fan (I just think for me it would be a waste of money). I’ve lost count the number of friends who pay hundreds on gym fees and rarely go. 

Claudia Schiffer Perfectly Fit

Then comes in my favourite exercise workout. When I was a teenager, Claudia Schiffer released two fitness videos – one focussing on the upper body and the other on the lower body. Unfortunately I don’t have a video player anymore, but was happy to see that amazon sells (via a third party) the dvd’s of both. I did browse other workout dvd’s, but most of them are focussing on losing weight – the women look a bit muscular which I find off-putting.

Claudia’s workout  is appealing as she has a similarly naturally slender figure, and her workouts are about increasing fitness. The backdrops are beautiful, the music good and she isn’t annoying. Claudia is soo beautiful, I’ve always had a crush on her…

The great thing about Claudia’s workout is that you only need a small space, mat (I bought mine from Sweaty Betty), chair, trainers (Nike) and handheld weights (but I don’t use these).

I strained my back a little when first doing the lower body workout, but I think once I’m used to this sort of exercise, my body will become stronger. Regular use, and you’ll certainly start noticing the difference in your fitness and shape, I totally recommend buying both DVD’s from Amazon.



  candice wrote @

where did you find the dvd on amazon..I have looked and only see the VHS… I too use to own this series and LOVED it!

  Cat Taylor wrote @

Im interested too!

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