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Birthday blues restores my faith in humanity…

Last week was my birthday, I had a rather nonchalant attitude towards it when colleagues and friends asked how I was going to celebrate. When you’re young, birthdays can be quite exciting, but as you get older, for me anyway, I’m just not that fussed. I concede that part of it is the fear of not meeting the expectations/goals that you’re supposed to achieve with age. On a more positive note, I do feel more confident in myself and know what I want now than I did a few years back…

While I tried not to mention my birthday, on the day itself, my colleagues bought me some bright flowers and Cath Kidston vouchers – I thought it was really sweet that they knew exactly what I liked! After work, I then got persuaded to dress up and went out to dinner with a friend to Hakkasan Mayfair. Elderly neighbours of mine made me a special cake. Then the next day, my colleagues children came to see me for lunch and we went to my favourite Lebanese cafe opposite Kensington Gardens, his daughter gave me a handmade card – albeit with my age on the front 🙂 Then at the end of my birthday week, I received chocolates from a client for a doing a good job.

The nice thing was that it was totally unexpected, I didn’t even want to acknowledge my birthday, yet people made the effort to make me happy – I’m very lucky and grateful 🙂


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  ben wrote @

Oh Abi

Im really sorry !

I didn’t read your blog before.

So a happy birthday for last month

Ben x

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