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Jones & Jones Fashion

Brand: Jones & Jones 

www.jonesandjonesfashion.com or www.topshop.com

From browsing the topshop website for a spring coat, I came across a brand called Jones & Jones. Designed by two sisters, their clothing is a mix of feminine designs of the 40’s & 50’s with a modern twist. I love liberty prints, and these two dresses (the Julia & Phoebe) really caught my eye. Judging by the length, I imagine it would have to be a very hot day (legs will be definitely on show) or combine with skinny jeans or Wolford’s Anna ballet-inspired leggings in blossom (£58) for a more wearable daytime look… 

Jones & Jones Julia Dress in Liberty Rose print


Jones & Jones Julia Dress in Liberty Rose print (back)




  Terri wrote @

I love this brand an the dresses!! Do you have a dress of it? I wish i could buy one but they don’t sell them here in NL 😦

  kensingtonabida wrote @

Hi Terri,

Yes, they are unique dresses. I know topshop.com and asos.com sells Jones & Jones. I would think that they ship to the Netherlands.

  Terri wrote @

Thank you so much for replying! I saw them on the websites 🙂 And I can also buy them on jonesandjonesfashion.com so I’m happy! Thanks!! Nice blog also!

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