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Passed Accountancy Exams :-)

Studying accountancy has been a walk in the park – I did study Physics at Imperial, so it was bound to be easy in comparison! The hardest part has been finding the time between working and being seriously ill, but it’s been a welcome distraction. Sooooooo happy.



  Caroline wrote @

Dear Abida,

Just came across your blog and wanted to congratulate you and wish you well. it’s great that you have achieved academic success in spite of personal problems; your blog is also really interesting – a mix of the serious and the frivolous. I thought I was the only graduate interested in nail polish, so I found your mix of topics reassuring!

I am also struggling with weight issues at the moment, in my case overweight, but also a serious health problem for me, so you have my sympathies. A new start, as you mentioned, might make things easier. Take care. Best, C.

  kensingtonabida wrote @

Thanks Caroline for the kind compliment on my blog. I think it’s good to take a break from being ‘serious’
🙂 I hope that you manage to overcome your weight issue, it seems that we’re both finding it hard to strike the right balance! Abi x

  john wrote @

Hi Abi

Well done’ its great your feeling happier.

So what you going to do now; have you any plans?

best wishes


  kensingtonabida wrote @

Thanks John.

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