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Crussh Summer Porridge

Crussh Summer Porridge

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick these past few months. I never really eat much in the mornings, but with my clothes falling off me, I thought getting into a good routine of three meals a day plus snacks would help me look less like a skeleton 🙂 I have to say that I always thought healthy food would be bland, but when I tried porridge for the first time (I never had it as a child) I was pleasantly surprised.

With the warmer months approaching (or yet to approach), I wanted an alternative. Browsing my local Crussh store, I came across their summer porridge. At first glance, their blend of yoghurt and oats looked unappealing, but to my surprise I loved it. I even add a tablespoon of Barleans fortiflax (ground flaxseeds) from Planet Organic for those essential omega 3’s. Delicious, healthy and filling.

I was browsing the internet for some tips on how to make my own version but a bit more interesting, and I came across a recipe called Swiss Bircher named after the physician Maximilian Bercher-Benner. The photo I came across on Flickr looks incredibly yummy…

Bircher Muesli

Considering my cholesterol and weight was very low to start with, it will be interesting to see the effects of all this healthy eating. I have to say changing my diet has been easier than I anticipated, but I put that down to having a strong willpower.


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