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Aveeno Hand Cream

Update 2012: I originally posted a review of this hand cream back in Feb 2011. Well I am happy to report that I’m still using this and haven’t swapped brands. This cream by Aveeno is amazing, my hands are super soft. I’ve been applying twice a day, once before I leave for work in the morning, and then last thing at night before I go to bed. I haven’t needed to use the cotton gloves as I have controlled my overzealous hand washing 🙂 Whenever my mum comes to visit, she uses the cream and is equally impressed with the results that she’s swapping her Boots No 7 hand cream for this, and loves that there is no scent that gives her a headache. I hope that they never stop selling this as it’s one of my daily beauty staples.

Feb 2011 Review:

Excessive hand-washing, central heating and cold winds take their toll on my hands. I like to put hand-cream on in the evenings so that it has time to work properly. I massage Aveeno hand-cream, pop on Botantics cotton gloves from Boots (very reasonably priced at £3.97), and a couple of hours later – smooth hands again 🙂

Aveeno Hand Cream, Boots £4.99

Purchasing the cotton gloves really made a difference, I find that hand-creams are a little greasy and there is a temptation to wash hands shortly after (which defeats the purpose!). Whilst watching the tv/browsing the internet, pop on cotton gloves and let the cream get to work. Alternatively, I’ve read people putting on the hand-cream and gloves and leaving on while they sleep – never tried, but a good idea if your hands are really dry.

I’ve tried Shea Butter but have always ended up coming back to Aveeno – a product that does the job and doesn’t break the bank!


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