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Do you look like your parents?



I came across an old black & white photo of my mum the other day. It’s always fascinating looking at pictures of your parents and wondering whether they resemble you in anyway – well, I certainly don’t look like my mum, although I do share her fair Asian complexion. My dad on the otherhand looks like me, tall/slim and similar facial features except my dad has much darker skin (will have to dig out a photo).

Our family doctor remarked how beautiful my dad’s skin was at 75 (he had me quite late in life) and my mum who’s in her fifties also has no wrinkles. Annoyingly, my dad does nothing to his skin apart from use soap, no moisturiser, and he has no dry skin and a flawless/wrinkle-free complexion which he puts down to a diet of fish, fruits and vegetables – sigh!, please let me inherit his ageless skin whilst eating the occassional treats 😉


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