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Fitness Blender – My own personal trainer for free :-)

I haven’t exercised in months as I was very frail, but having changed my diet so that I eat more, I’m starting to look a lot healthier. Now, I feel ready to do some gentle exercise, which should help me relax/ease stress and build up my appetite and strength further.

I’ve previously posted about my favourite exercise dvd (Claudia Schiffer, Perfectly Fit), it really works even if you’re slender and don’t want complicated exercise routines – simple yet effective, despite Claudia being ridiculously beautiful she is actually very pleasant and easy to follow. A recent perusal of amazon, I wanted to try to mix up my workout routine. I bought two 10 minute solution dvd’s which had a lot of positive reviews and the price was cheap. However, I found that most of the routines required upper body strength, so I gave up.

Finally, I decided to go on YouTube and found a series of exercise videos by Fitness Blender. It’s just awesome, made by husband and wife, they have created a number of videos that cater for different fitness levels. A pretty/slim woman (I like that she doesn’t have a muscular frame) does the exercises against a plain background (no music) and the man narrates. Their website is really informative, and there are lots of videos that you can mix & match, the best thing is that it’s free. I think it’s better than any dvd (apart from Claudia, of course) that I’ve purchased. Thanks, Fitness Blender 🙂



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