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Aunty Abi

I’m ecstatic – I’ve always loved babies, and there is a new boy in my life, my nephew Adam 😮


Lock down – Saving money and being insociable.

It must be a sign of maturity as I’m actually being sensible with money for a change. I’ve been avoiding going out with friends as I’m saving like mad, there are a few things that I want to do, and so I’m sacrificing my social life for things that will hopefully make me happy in the long-term. It’s not too bad living like a hermit, and surprising to realise how much money I have wasted in the past on pointless things. I should definitely be on the look out for a wealthy older man, but this is certainly part of life experience, I’ve never been afraid of hard-work and I’m pretty disciplined when I want to be. Inevitably though, I will have to make it up to friends at a later date ;o)