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Geek Chic Glasses – D&G Bianca Balti

I admit that I wear glasses when reading and on the computer. I recall being a teenager and absolutely hating having to put my glasses on, but considering I spent most of my teenage years reading lots of books, realised that I had to embrace it!

I tried contact lenses briefly in my first year of university, but hated the feeling of them. My boss had laser eye surgery and he said it’s been amazing not to have to bother with glasses, he briefly had dry eyes for a few weeks but that subsided and he still has perfect vision two years later. To be honest, the potential risks bother me more than wearing glasses occassionally – vanity has been overcome with my common sense attitude to glasses.

However, I do find it funny when websites like Topshop sell non-prescription geek chic glasses to those with perfect vision. But for prescription wear, Dolce & Gabana actually specialise in eyewear – love their adverts, Bianca Balti is gorgeous.


Bianca Balti



  fashtonishing wrote @

Love the glasses from D&G, already have one but already searching for a new!
Maybe we can follow each other?

  kensingtonabida wrote @

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I’m following you too.

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