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Linwood’s Flaxseed & Solgar’s Flaxseed Oil

My diet has changed considerably over the past year. I’m a big fan of Flaxseed – as I don’t like oily fish, I take one tablespoon of ground Linwood’s flaxseed in my morning porridge – a good source of omega 3’s (in the form of ALA), although the conversion of ALA into the more widely researched EPA and DHA varies amongst individuals. It also provides a good source of iron, zinc and fibre. A nutty flavour that doesn’t spoil the taste of my porridge, to which I also add a handful of blueberries and hazelnuts – yum 🙂 I used to purchase Linwood’s flaxseed at Holland & Barrett but was happy to find that my local Sainsbury’s stocks it.

Alternatively, I sometimes take 2 capsules of flaxseed oil – I buy Solgar’s cold-pressed flaxseed oil from Calder Pharmacy (Notting Hill Gate), was happy to find that they stock a selection of supplements from this brand.

It can take a couple of months to notice the benefits of flaxseed which include soft skin.

Linwoods Flaxseed

Solgar Flaxseed Oil


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