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Road to Recovery

I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much more like my old self again – my director told me that I did look excruciatingly thin the past year, and that I looked like I put on weight recently – ‘you look soo much better’ – now most women would hate that comment, but it made me smile. The healthy diet combined with fitness blender’s exercise videos have really helped get my health back on track.

A few weeks ago, an old client walked passed (the last time I saw her was 3/4 years ago) and waved at me to come out. She had problems talking, she said that she’d just recovered from cancer and it had effected her speech. I gave her a kiss on the cheeks and a big hug. I remembered her being soo full of life, she used to bring cakes and we’d have a chat about everything and anything – her one regret was not having a family, don’t make the same mistakes as me she told me.

It has speared me on to keep healthy, work hard, be honest and kind to others… – you never know what life has in store for you – this is very true, the past year has definitely taught me that!


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