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Chanel Magnolia (117) Coco Rouge Liptick

Chanel Magnolia (117) Coco Rouge Liptick

I’ve always thought that the colour pink is a universally flattering makeup shade for all skin-tones. Finding the right-shade can be a bit tricky, I’m neither very fair nor dark, my skin has a light olive tone, so was unsure whether Chanel’s Magnolia Coco Rouge lipstick would work on me, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a lovely wearable neutral pink shade that’s great for day-wear, goes well with my Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink.

However, my favourite pink lipstick is Clarin’s Rouge Prodige in Paradise Pink, but I like Chanel’s Magnolia for days when I want a more subtle, muted lipcolour.


Linwood’s Flaxseed & Solgar’s Flaxseed Oil

My diet has changed considerably over the past year. I’m a big fan of Flaxseed – as I don’t like oily fish, I take one tablespoon of ground Linwood’s flaxseed in my morning porridge – a good source of omega 3’s (in the form of ALA), although the conversion of ALA into the more widely researched EPA and DHA varies amongst individuals. It also provides a good source of iron, zinc and fibre. A nutty flavour that doesn’t spoil the taste of my porridge, to which I also add a handful of blueberries and hazelnuts – yum 🙂 I used to purchase Linwood’s flaxseed at Holland & Barrett but was happy to find that my local Sainsbury’s stocks it.

Alternatively, I sometimes take 2 capsules of flaxseed oil – I buy Solgar’s cold-pressed flaxseed oil from Calder Pharmacy (Notting Hill Gate), was happy to find that they stock a selection of supplements from this brand.

It can take a couple of months to notice the benefits of flaxseed which include soft skin.

Linwoods Flaxseed

Solgar Flaxseed Oil

Geek Chic Glasses – D&G Bianca Balti

I admit that I wear glasses when reading and on the computer. I recall being a teenager and absolutely hating having to put my glasses on, but considering I spent most of my teenage years reading lots of books, realised that I had to embrace it!

I tried contact lenses briefly in my first year of university, but hated the feeling of them. My boss had laser eye surgery and he said it’s been amazing not to have to bother with glasses, he briefly had dry eyes for a few weeks but that subsided and he still has perfect vision two years later. To be honest, the potential risks bother me more than wearing glasses occassionally – vanity has been overcome with my common sense attitude to glasses.

However, I do find it funny when websites like Topshop sell non-prescription geek chic glasses to those with perfect vision. But for prescription wear, Dolce & Gabana actually specialise in eyewear – love their adverts, Bianca Balti is gorgeous.


Bianca Balti

Road to Recovery

I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much more like my old self again – my director told me that I did look excruciatingly thin the past year, and that I looked like I put on weight recently – ‘you look soo much better’ – now most women would hate that comment, but it made me smile. The healthy diet combined with fitness blender’s exercise videos have really helped get my health back on track.

A few weeks ago, an old client walked passed (the last time I saw her was 3/4 years ago) and waved at me to come out. She had problems talking, she said that she’d just recovered from cancer and it had effected her speech. I gave her a kiss on the cheeks and a big hug. I remembered her being soo full of life, she used to bring cakes and we’d have a chat about everything and anything – her one regret was not having a family, don’t make the same mistakes as me she told me.

It has speared me on to keep healthy, work hard, be honest and kind to others… – you never know what life has in store for you – this is very true, the past year has definitely taught me that!

My parents when they were younger

My parents when they were younger

Who would of thought my dad’s geek chic glasses would be back in fashion 🙂