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Spring Knitwear: Topshop lace collar jumper & Darling Ariel Cardigan

Spring is the best season for clothes – I absolutely adore pastel colours, they really suit all skintones from the pale to olive complexions (like myself) and I do think that super bright oranges and yellows look beautiful on black skin.

I recently purchased Topshop’s lace collar jumper in this girly pastel shade of pink (which I pair with a pencil skirt and my Wolford Winter Soft Logic Tights). Although, I’m not petite (I’m about 5ft8in), I do find that their petite clothes fit me better (as long as the arms aren’t too short) and bought this jumper in a size 4 petite (they also have this in regular sizes too). It may sound really small, but it’s not even tight on me, just the perfect fit, I imagine with washing it will get loose anyway. It’s such a versatile piece and it’s definitely going to get a lot of wear!

Topshop Lace Collar Jumper

Topshop Lace Collar Jumper

Now, this cardigan caught my eye, I saw it on the Oasis website and it’s made by a brand called Darling. Never bought anything from them before, but I can see myself wearing this with a white dress or a black pencil dress in the summer. The cheery lemon shade combined with the applique flowers looks soo cute. I imagine that I would have to hand-wash such a delicate piece (soap flakes to the ready!).

Ariel Cardigan by Darling

Ariel Cardigan by Darling



  how to run in stilettos wrote @

It’s coming up to Autumn here in Australia and I’ve been in search of the perfect knits for the cooler seasons, these are too cute!

  kensingtonabida wrote @

Yes, they are gorgeous, they will definitely get plenty of wear! x

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