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If I could genetically engineer a man he’d be like this…

Alexander Skarsgardgil-grissom

Beauty & Brains: Alexander & Gil combination, wonder how many women have my taste 🙂

Let’s be honest, men are the shallower sex, their eyes wander at the sight of a pretty woman; us poor women attribute it to human nature, it’s intrinsic for men to react in that way.

Are women shallow to? Perhaps but not with looks, we would happily let our man put on a few extra pounds, not shave for days and leave their clothes on the floor, what we’re more interested in is the bigger picture, does this man have the potential to provide for a future family; good job and education are top on my list. Then the rest is down to personal preference, but for me it’s personality; must be friendly, can make me laugh, kind-hearted, sensible at work but silly with me. I’m not too bothered about gifts, in fact, I’m the more generous, I’ve always given more than I receive. My major pet hate is not managing expectations, my ex-boss told me this years ago with regards to work but I also apply the same principle to all aspects including my personal life -‘never promise what you can’t deliver’, so when a man says they’ll call on a Monday but you don’t hear from them until Thursday, and they don’t acknowledge this, then that really annoys me to the extent that I’d most likely label them as a flake. Manners are key, my ideal guy would be a gentleman, open doors, make sure I arrived home safely, called when they said they would or at least text to say ‘sorry, I haven’t forgotten you but I’ll call you tomorrow’ instead. I do have high standards, because that’s what I deliver myself, if someone asks me to do something, I’ll do it, or explain why I can’t.

It was only after a conversation with a female friend that I realised I never really paid much importance to a man’s looks before. Jessica asked for someone that I would consider physically attractive, my first answer was Dr Gil Grissom (the character off CSI). Jess said that my answer was based on personality and not physical attraction, so then I randomly said Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. I’ve never watched that programme but I’ve seen his picture a few times and subconsciously must have thought, ‘yes, he’s tasty’. I would hasten to add that I’ve never dated a blonde, it’s always been dark hair, so I was surprised by my answer. That said, I did say to Jess, if given the option (obviously in my dreams!) between Gil or Alexander, I would go for Gil, as we’re probably better matched for the long-term, but if I could have Alexander’s looks and Gil’s brains then that would be the perfect man.

Oops, I’ve turned into a shallow man 😉


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