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Oasis Ditsy Frill Jumpsuit

Oasis Ditsy Frill Jumpsuit

Oasis Ditsy Frill Jumpsuit

I spotted this when I was at the Oasis store on Argyll Street. Normally, I would dismiss jumpsuits as being a little impractical (think going to the toilet, or is that TMI!), but I’ve seen a few people wearing them and providing they don’t have the baggy harem style ‘MC Hammer’ shape, I’d definitely be inclined to give it a go as they remind me of the 70’s Farrah Fawcett or Margo from the Good Life. The jumpsuit is made from a lovely soft viscose material, love the black background, pink ditsy floral print and the tan belt to give a more fitted shape.

Oasis Ditsy Frill Jumpsuit on model

Oasis Ditsy Frill Jumpsuit on model

Ditsy Print

Ditsy Print

My only criticism and the reason that I don’t often buy from Oasis, is that they don’t stock a size 6 in their stores only online, and that is limited at the best of times, unlike other High Street brands like Topshop, Miss Selfridge and French Connection; where I rarely have a problem getting hold of a size 6.



  Vodka&Cupcakes wrote @

Jumpsuits/rompers have been my go-to summer pieces–can’t get enough of them.

  kensingtonabida wrote @

Yes, me too, never thought I’d be into them.

  Vodka&Cupcakes wrote @

Same here!

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