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Not Contactable – the way to getting better…

Given that I’ve had a lot of stress in my life, a good psychologist friend of mine advised that sometimes a break from being contactable can be a good thing. A number of weeks ago, I got rid of my mobile number and email address, as I had people constantly phone, text and email me, and it was making me more stressed. One of my closest friends lives without a mobile and says it’s great, ‘why would you want to be available to anyone 24/7?’

I only have a new number for work and close friends that I’ve known and trusted for years, they know not to hassle me about going out, I will tell them when I’m interested! People who respect that gain my trust.

One thing I will never understand is why men randomly text out of the blue saying they miss you, when you haven’t been in contact with them for ages? Normally, I’d reply WTF? 😉 I don’t really dislike anyone, I’m just not interested in anything apart from getting better without being constantly hassled about going out.

A number of people have been trying to contact me, and I reiterate what I said above, please respect my privacy, I really have no time to deal with other people’s emotions when I’m very ill, so stop being selfish!

On the plus side, I’m saving money, which I plan to use to see a good nutritionist at Biolab and get my weight up to a healthy level. I think that is key to getting me well again.

Rest assured, once I’m well I’ll be contactable again.


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