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Jumper Dresses

It was only a few weeks ago I was still enjoying wearing my chinos and sandals, now it’s back to dressing a bit warmer for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. I love jumper dresses, a one piece that’s very simple to wear and suits all shapes from the slim to the curvy. Below are my top picks…

Rosa Floral and Lace Intarsia Dress by Monsoon

Rosa Floral and Lace Intarsia Dress by Monsoon

Embarrassingly the above dress is a children’s one – I bought age 11-12 Years and it fits perfectly, as I have long limbs, the arms are more like three-quarter sleeves and my long legs makes it look like a slightly longer version of a mini dress which just skims past my bottom, although it looks fine with black opaque tights. I’m not usually a fan of red but I like the floral pattern, it’s also 100% cotton so no itchy feeling. I’m wearing this on Monday, so will see what the verdict is with my colleagues, they are always honest!

Gap Stripe Raglan Dress

Gap Stripe Raglan Dress

As soon as I walked through the door, the guys at work all stopped and complimented me on my dress when I wore this a few weeks ago. They only sell XXS online and not instore, this is a size 0 US/size 2 UK, although to be honest it fits more like a size 6 to me, it just skims past the body and isn’t too tight like a bodycon fit. I wasn’t sure about the colour combination as I find navy and grey rather dull colours, but everyone seems to like it, and the added bonus, I got 30% off in a GAP promotion.

Broderie Ponte Tunic by Boden

Broderie Ponte Tunic by Boden

This tunic dress is part of Boden’s Winter range, I haven’t bought this yet, but I have a feeling that I will be doing. The colour which is like an olive green is quite striking.

Boden Stripy Tunic

Boden Stripy Tunic

Another stripy combination, I find this one rather chic and has a lovely fitted style, perfect for casual weekend wear.

ASOS Dress With Lace Collar Detail in Knit

ASOS Dress With Lace Collar Detail in Knit

Finally, I love ASOS, the above dress is very simple and works well for work, love the lace collar, and it fits in all the right places.


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