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ASOS Dolly Coat

I love the girly pink colour and shape of this ASOS coat, very cute. I like the three quarter sleeves, but not sure how practical they will be when the really cold weather sets in.

ASOS Dolly Coat

ASOS Dolly Coat



I have this sick feeling in my stomach. My father is now fighting for his life in intensive care, I have to wear a gown and gloves when I go to see him. I talk but he can’t hear me being heavily sedated. In his lifetime he’s survived the partition, tuberculosis and now septicaemia. I’d swap places with him in a heart beat. The doctors and nurses have been wonderful, I have such admiration for the work they do. I had to listen to a client the other day who actually said that they thought they were very important. Really, I thought? Do you save lives or dedicate your life to charity? You’re not even a multi-millionaire let alone billionaire, but this person was highly delusional. I often come across this amongst the noveau riche. In contrast, I recall when a leak from my flat caused damage to my neighbours flat, I didn’t even know but the plumber told me his place was a mess. I wrote a letter to him to apologise and offer to sort it out, but he wrote one back saying that I wasn’t to worry as he doesn’t possess anything valuable. It transpired that he was extremely modest as he had amassed a fortune of a couple of hundred million pounds. Modesty is extremely attractive. I guess going through a tough life experience makes you appreciate the simple things in life; manners, respect and kindness. I admit I’ve made mistakes, been selfish, but I know fundamentally that I’m a good person, and the credit for that goes to my dad. Keep fighting dad, I love you very much.