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WHO | Belarus: TB disease and deaths decline

Article from WHO:
Aleksandr, a 24-year old Belarusian, learned he had tuberculosis in 2010. His father died from TB and his brother and sister were treated for it and cured. Like his siblings, Aleksandr completed the standard TB drug treatment, but a few months later he fell ill again. This time doctors diagnosed multidrug-resistant TB and he was admitted to the hospital for a second round of treatment. Read on what happened next to Aleksandr: http://www.who.int/features/2013/belarus-tb-reform/en/index.html
My comment:
The doctors did two separate TB tests a few weeks ago when my dad was admitted into intensive care to check whether he had a recurrence, thankfully they both came back negative. He contracted TB as a small child when he was a refugee during the partition of India. He later had a recurrence as an adult when he went through a stressful situation, and was hospitalised for a couple of months. There were no vaccines in my dad’s time, and treatment has improved since then, but his lungs were never the same afterwards. I was pleased to read the full WHO article on TB in Belarus, that standards of care have risen and deaths and new cases have declined; I very much hope that continues. My heart goes out to Aleksandr having lost his father, it seems that he is positive about his second round of treatment, I hope it works.

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