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11th of November 2013

This date I will never forget. Finally, the long battle is over, and my dad has passed away. This morning we were awoken twice, we rushed to the hospital first time but he was stable when we got there, then a few hours later we were told to come back as this was it.

The doctor advised that we were prolonging the inevitable. With a heavy heart, we made the hard decision to switch off his life support, they gave him drugs so that he wouldn’t suffer. After they switched off the machine, he gasped for air a few times, then there was silence. I kept hold of his hand throughout, tears streaming down my face. Apparently hearing is the last sense you have, so I told him that I loved him, and he will always be in my heart.

I never loved anyone more than my dad. I won the lottery when I got him. Hard-working, kind, intelligent, determined, stubborn, principled – he was my hero. I will miss you calling me every night, something I took for granted.

One thing I am grateful for are the nurses that looked after my dad, they were exceptional. There was one point when I was very nervous, and Charlene took me by the hand and told me that I was beautiful and strong. Red eyes from all the crying and sleepless nights, she was very kind. She even shaved my dad as we knew that he was a stickler for being well-groomed.

It’s going to be tough without you, rest in peace. xxx


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