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Overcoming the darkness: Mentoring

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The past couple of weeks I’ve been bored of everything in my life, all the things that would make me happy don’t. Good friends have been kind in taking me out, one of my closest friends picked me up and took me to Lahore Kebab (recommended), followed by tea in Primrose Hill, and then we spent time with their family in the pub. That was incredibly thoughtful. However, the rest of the time my mind is blank, I seem to be missing something.

So, the way I looked at it was that I had two options: give up on life and say goodbye to the world, or make sure that whatever time I have left to do something worthwhile. One thing that makes me happy is charity work, I guess it makes me appreciate how fortunate one is compared to others. With that in mind, I applied to be a mentor for young children between the ages of 5 and 16. There are no formal qualifications necessary, but I do receive training, I then will be placed with a child who’s experienced hardship in their life. I will have to commit to that child for a couple of hours each weekend for two years.

Qualities needed are patience, tolerance and a good sense of humour – I have that in abundance. I’m also loyal, trustworthy, reliable and used to managing an office full of boys, so I can handle anything! Not sure what to expect, but as with anything I do, I will try my best. If it’s a teenager, with my help, they’ll definitely be on their way to achieving top marks at school 🙂

I’ve always wanted children to be a part of my life, whether my own or not, it will be an interesting opportunity to see the world through their eyes, and who knows maybe they’ll help make me see that there is good in the world again…


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