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Was there a stranger you met once, are not likely to meet again and who profoundly affected you?

Two and a half years ago, I got the news that my dad’s condition drastically deteriorated, there was nothing more the doctors could do.

My family were waiting for me to travel so that we could switch his life support off. The journey from London to home was three hours by train, it was an agonising race against time to get to my dad, he could have gone before I got a chance to say goodbye.

I arrived at the hospital and made my way to the intensive care ward. There was this young looking nurse (mid-30’s) waiting at the door. She had a kind face and warm smile. My body was paralysed with fear, hands trembling. She took control, put on my apron and gloves, and held my hand real tight as we walked into his room. My dad was in a coma, but she was talking to him as if he was listening (perhaps he could), “great news, your daughter has made it, she’s beautiful,” she said.

Her words were extraordinarily kind, my eyes were red from all the sobbing, my hair disheveled, and I didn’t realise it at the time but my dress was inside out. All that didn’t matter though.

She proceeded to massage his body with moisturiser, and gave him a shave. In my mind, I thought, but he’s dying, why is she doing this?

Her inner beauty was so breathtaking, I was suffocating. The unconditional love, kindness, humility and sheer passion for her vocation was truly inspiring. I’ve never felt so humbled in my life.

It’s rare to meet strangers that connect with you in a way that’s incomprehensible, she’ll never know how much she touched me from the depths of my heart. I’ll never see her again, but she’ll always be remembered as the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Wherever you are, thank you for taking care of my dad. I hope your husband appreciates how truly lucky he is…


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