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Amarpreet Singh’s Answer to: What’s the rudest thing a child has said to you?

This was when I was a child myself. Some of the things which I will write will be from memory but I would like you to be aware the mind can change memories, so some of it may be a bit foggy.

So, it’s November 2004 and recently my mother died to cancer. I was 6. The news of her death wasn’t known to me as my dad wasn’t ready to see me like that. So in break time, kids would come and ask me if my mother was dead, and when I would say no she isn’t , some would taunt me and some would tell me to admit it and stop lying. Some kids even laughed at me. Some teachers also asked me about her death but they were more aware of what it is like for me.

I kept on denying because I knew my mother was in hospital and recently had gone blind, but I didn’t know she died. Later on the evening , I was met with the reality of my mothers dead body.


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