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I love my boss & Goodbye London back in 2017 :)

You know when someone is a good friend when they help you with no questions asked.

My boss did something very kind for me today, when I thought I’d have to continue to suffer in agony, he came to my rescue, so I could have treatment done. It’s unsurprising he’s from an Asian background like me (not that I’m biased). He treats me like a sister with respect 🙂

He’s given me good advice, “don’t take anything from any man you’ve been involved with. At least if I give you something, I don’t have any stipulations attached.”

Work is officially wrapped up for 2016. I have three weeks off, which is good timing to recover by putting my feet up and taking my industrial strength antibiotics 😦

I kindly ask that no one contacts me via my blog. I will only switch on my phone intermittently. Even after I finish my  holiday, I still have 10 unused days off. I’ve been given two offices to look after, and I’m in desperate need of “switching” off from technology. Come back in 2017 when hopefully my health has recovered 🙂


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