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Quora Question: Who is the most attractive man in the world? 


In all seriousness, I still very rarely find that many men in the public eye attractive. Beauty is subjective, and my tastes are eclectic. Unlike most men who can just look at a woman and be instantly attracted, my brain doesn’t seem to work that way!

Personality (when someone I rate is smart & highly likeable) is a must that alone will suffice, but without that a man’s exterior is irrelevant.

Drum roll, please 😉

There can be only one. My chosen man has all of the good personality traits that I value. He’s not some hunky A-lister and neither does he belong to a boyband.

However, for once, I think I won’t be alone in my choice, I imagine this guy has captivated many women across the world. 

He’s smart (degree in engineering)

He’s taught children Maths 

He’s humble (he handed out winter coats to Syrian refugees)

He’s gorgeous (I can’t deny that)

He’s got charisma

He’s really good at Bhangra dancing

Justin dancing video

He’s very likeable

Who thought politics could make me so hot under the collar. He’s the world’s sexiest leader hands down.

It’s Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime minister.

Oh Justin, thanks for allowing us women to have some eye candy for a change. That collar is putting some thoughts into my head 😉

What makes someone handsome is the complete package of beauty & brains, it’s not all about flexing your muscles (stop showing off Justin, we know you have a hot body!), we want more than just a pretty face.

Thanks for the A2A.

Kind regards,