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The beauty of flowers: Kensington Gardens & The Chelsea Flower Show 2013

I totally forgot to download the photos taken from the summer. I love flowers, always puts a smile on my face.

Kensington Gardens Summer 2013

Kensington Gardens Summer 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013


Lunch at Kensington Gardens

I love summer time, it’s 30 degrees and I’m just a 5 min walk from Kensington Gardens, so have left the cold air-con on full blast office (why do boys always get hot?) to having my lunch in the park. I’m looking very 70’s in my Miss Selfridge floral wide leg pants and have a bench all to myself – perfect 🙂



Chez Patrick, 7 Stratford Road, W8 – Restaurant Review

I’m always walking down Marloes Road and I never really knew this restaurant existed as it’s located on a street just off it. A few weeks ago, a really close friend and I wanted somewhere local to eat as it was absolutely freezing, so we found Chez Patrick by accident. We hadn’t booked a reservation but although it was pretty booked up, the friendly waiter gave us a table. I have to say it was a really lovely evening, we both had steak with chips and it was delicious, the owner was lovely too. 

The surprise of the evening was my friend telling me that they got married two years ago, and they were dying to tell me but I was uncontactable for a long period due to being very ill. Now that I’m back to full health and my friend was married, we enjoyed celebrating in this low key but perfect little French restaurant. I’d definitely go back.


Maggie Jones’s Restaurant in London – 6 Old Court Place

Maggie Jones's Restaurant

Maggie Jones

I must have walked past this restaurant hundreds of times, but this afternoon was the first time I had dined at this lovely restaurant. Located just off Kensington Church Street (High Street Kensington end), one of our colleagues recommended this to me and my other female colleague, Emma. As Emma is leaving for a new job in a couple of weeks, we thought we’d enjoy going out for lunch before she goes.

It’s really quaint inside, we were warmly greeted and although the place was reasonably busy, we managed to get a table. We looked at the lunch special menu, and we ordered steak and kidney pie (which came with free sides of peas & carrots). The plates that the food were served on were really cute (country style), and most importantly the pie and vegetables (which counted towards my 5 a day ;-)) was delicious. Obviously no meal is complete without a dessert and the waiters brought a blackboard to show us what was on offer, Emma had bread & butter pudding and I had apple crumble and cream – let’s just say, it didn’t take long before we finished! The lunch menu was reasonable in cost, our meals together with a drink (and service charge) came to about £20 each. All in all, both Emma and I thought the food and service was soo good, we’re making this one of our favourites.

Good hearty English food in heart of Kensington. Just BEAUTE 🙂

Check out my review of Maggie Jones’s Restaurant – I am kensingtonabida – on Qype


Giraffe Restaurant in High Street Kensington

Giraffe stacked pancakes (image from Giraffe)

After watching Delia Smith’s Waitrose advert for pancakes, and colleagues mentioning how they enjoyed cooking pancakes for pancake day, I had a massive craving for them. My boss mentioned that the best place locally to get some is Giraffe restaurant. Luckily, this one on Kensington High Street is a couple of minutes from Kensington Gardens. So, after a long walk in the park, decided to go and get some food here. At first, I resigned myself to not being able to order the pancakes as it’s on their breakfast menu only (and I arrived at lunchtime). I tried my luck, and the waiter said he’ll ask whether they can make me some specially. Luckily, they did and I had a plate with a tower of pancakes stacked on top of each other with bananas between the layers and blueberries on top. One word – DELICIOUS 🙂 It does get a bit crowded inside as a lot of families with kids go here, but it didn’t bother me. I was particularly impressed with the male waiters, very friendly and one even came to say goodbye as he finished his shift. I’m already planning my next pancake fix!


Romantic Hyde Park

Pink Princess in Hyde Park, originally uploaded by kensingtonabida.

I find that I can spend hours walking through the wide open leafy spaces of Hyde Park. With a backdrop of natural beauty, this park brings back fond memories of studying for my university exams, and romance – it used to be a meetup place for a guy called Henry that I had a massive crush on. It’s also the perfect location to take photographs, and the one above is my favourite photo.

Science Museum Lates – The Science of Bioterrorism, 27th October


Science Museum Lates


Where: Science Museum, South Kensington | Time: 6:45pm – 10pm | Cost: Free

I really enjoy going to the Science Museum Late events. These are adult only nights (must be 18+), held only on the last Wednesday of every month. Although, I do enjoy going to a nice restaurant or drinking non-alcoholic cocktails at a bar, it can get somewhat tiresome, whilst the different themed nights of the museum engages your brain, and I think it’s always important to keep learning…

It’s not all dull and high-brow, last weeks one was all about the science of STI’s! You can also get your groove on in the silent disco, just grab a headset, choose your tune, and then bop away. You can also get yourself a bite to eat (you’re more than likely to be hungry, especially as most of us will be coming straight from work), or you can also grab yourself an alcoholic drink at one of their bars.

What’s the crowd like? – It’s not all anorak wearing geeks you know 🙂 I was surprised at the number of young people that go (20’s & 30’s). The events are always popular, the queues seem to go on forever.

I really would love a smaller digital camera to take on nights like these rather than lugging my SLR!