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Stereophonics – We Share the Same Sun (Studio Version)

I love the studio version of this Stereophonics song. Kelly’s vocals remind me of home, he’s got such a beautiful voice.


Daft Punk – Get Lucky

An ex-colleague used to play and dance stupidly to this song for me when it was quiet at work – makes me smile whenever I hear this.

Billy Ocean – When the Going Gets Tough

My colleague was playing this song at the end of a long working day on Saturday – it’s rare for me to go to the office on the weekend, but when I have outstanding tasks to complete it bugs me, my boss nearly fell over when he saw me in!

Such a classic tune, love 80’s songs, had to add to my iPod, it’s really hot in London (summer is finally here) and I’m dancing around my flat in just hot pants with this blasting, thank god no one can see me 😉

Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow

This is my favourite song of all time, the lyrics and Kelly’s voice reminds me of home. I don’t normally fancy anyone famous and my taste in men is somewhat different to most women’s, but I’ve always had a secret crush for Kelly Jones (lead singer), he’s just cool. I also briefly met him at an album signing when I was 18, I spelt my first name and he’s the only person I’ve come across that has pronounced my name correctly, he even added that it was nice – extra brownie points! He came across as lovely (as us Welsh would say) which I wasn’t expecting. His voice is sexy.

Being spontaneous (makes a change), a neighbour said that I can use their holiday home in Portugal anytime I liked, so I’ve bought tickets for me and my best friend to see them live at Optimus Alive Festival – can’t wait, haven’t had a holiday in such a long time.

Classic Songs

We sometimes play ‘guess the song’ played from people’s iPhone’s at work. My collection of songs is pretty eclectic, I have a lot of rock/alternative songs to remind me of my teenage years when I enjoyed listening to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers; but I also have a fondness of those classic cheesy tunes that you know all the words to. My younger colleagues, in their early twenties, didn’t manage to name three of my below favourites (Madonna is pretty easy, as she’s been around forever making new songs). It’s a definite sign of age 🙂

Coldplay – Life in Technicolor

An old Coldplay song that I can’t seem to stop playing on my iPod, so good and love the video too.

CSI New York Season 7 Finale: Ross Copperman – Holding On And Letting Go

I don’t watch much tv, but I always make sure I watch CSI New York. The final episode of season 7 ended with a song which was quite apt and moving for the scene – I immediately googled some random words and looking at the youtube comments, lots of people did exactly the same thing! I really need to get an iPhone as it has an app that recognises songs…