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Chanel Spring 2013 Makeup Collection: Printemps Precieux de Chanel



Out of all the season’s Spring has to be my favourite (I was born in April) as it’s the perfect weather (not too hot or cold) and there’s the anticipation of Summer to come…

I have many nail polishes and lipsticks (quite a lot that have only been tried once and then not used – I need to donate some of them to friends and my sister-in-law who are fairer skinned and would suit better).

The makeup collections are all coming out, recently I bought Estee Lauder’s pure colour nail lacquer in Narcissist – a very pale pink that surprisingly goes on opaque but unfortunately has a habit of streaking – lovely colour although I’d suggest sticking to Spring’s 2012 Chanel’s shade of May (goes on perfectly and is still available to purchase).

I was interested to see what Chanel’s makeup line would be this Spring, noticed that it has just come out in Boots last week.

The two items that I’ve now bought are Chanel’s pink nail polish in Fracas and the lipstick shown on the model in their advert – Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in L’Eclatante (vibrant pink).

Not usually someone that goes for brighter lip colours but I have to admit it does look gorgeous on model Jac Jagaciak, and surprisingly I love it on me, but it looks best paired with a natural looking face and pale nails (try Chanel’s nail polish in May). It’s a pop of colour perfect for Spring and it applies really smoothly (I usually apply vaseline beforehand to soften my lips). The nail polish, Fracas is a bit too coral toned than pink for me, however like most Chanel nail polishes it applies perfectly in just one coat. I’d definitely re-purchase the L’Eclatante lipstick again.

Chanel Spring 2013 lipstick & nail polish

Chanel Spring 2013 lipstick & nail polish