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Fourth Christmas without you.

Dear Dad,

It’s been sometime since I last wrote to you.

This is the fourth Christmas without you. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. 

I spent the day with your two beautiful grandchildren. They’re soo adorable and smart, you’d be a really proud granddad. It’s such a shame you only got to spend less than a year with one grandson. I wish we all had children sooner, so you could have enjoyed mutual time together. We of course remind them of you, and they come to your grave to visit, but they’re much too young to understand.

Christmas is the hardest time of year, that is when you used to take most of your holiday off specially so you could spend time with us. I recall you getting excited every year buying the best meat you could find for our roast dinner 🙂

The best memory will always be when you bought me my Barbie house on your own (mum didn’t tell you what to buy, and they say men are useless at buying presents ;)), then you assembled it on the day when I opened the box. Then me as a kid seeing you liked your beer, so I wrapped up a couple of your own cans, and when you opened it, you had such a big smile on your face 🙂

Memories you can never forget. I never thanked you for being a multicultural dad. Despite being Muslim, you made us celebrate and respect the traditions of the country that welcomed you. Your tolerance for others showed your true character as a good human being.

Merry Christmas dad. I intend on cranking up the pressure on starting a family of my own, that’s what life’s all about.

However many years will pass, you’ll never be forgotten.

Love you Lots,

Beti 🙂 xxx