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About Me

                                                                  Hi, I’m Abida (pronounced Abda (i is silent)) I’m independent, self-determined, principled, quirky, impulsive, spontaneous and strong willed. I don’t shy away from challenges and believe in seeing things through. Loyalty, commitment and honour are very important to me; doing the right thing over doing the easy thing. Well educated, I thoroughly enjoyed studying Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry A-Levels at school; and graduated with a degree in Physics from Imperial College, London. Despite my education, I left the academic world behind and followed a completely different career path working as an experienced PA, which I enjoy. I’m of Pakistani parental heritage but British born and bred. Interests include; cooking, photography (both behind and infront of the camera, as you already guessed!), blogging, vintage dress-making, and reading. Last favourite reads are; Unweaving the Rainbow (Dawkins) and The Red Queen (Ridley). I have an interest in charity and love children, so I donate to UNICEF on a regular basis, and am particularly interested in health issues such as TB and Hepatitis.

This blog will include favourite fashion finds, views on life and reviews of places.

Where I live: London



  Garry Wright wrote @

A truly wonderful blog that gives a real insight and understanding of the writer and person.
Great to see the Temper Trap being a favourite band as I too bought Conditions before it really became popular.

  Roifield Brown wrote @

Hi Abida, great blog I used to enjoy reading your posts on MyVillage.com. I have a proposition for you can you email me back please?

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