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Daft Punk – Get Lucky

An ex-colleague used to play and dance stupidly to this song for me when it was quiet at work – makes me smile whenever I hear this.


Classic Songs

We sometimes play ‘guess the song’ played from people’s iPhone’s at work. My collection of songs is pretty eclectic, I have a lot of rock/alternative songs to remind me of my teenage years when I enjoyed listening to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers; but I also have a fondness of those classic cheesy tunes that you know all the words to. My younger colleagues, in their early twenties, didn’t manage to name three of my below favourites (Madonna is pretty easy, as she’s been around forever making new songs). It’s a definite sign of age 🙂

Myleene Klass Floral Dress

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

Such a pretty dress worn by Myleene at a Sony Radio Awards event. The sheer lace top is a bit daring for daytime or evening come to think of it!, much prefer a bit of lining as I don’t want my bra on display to all and sundry. Not sure who made this dress but a similar style is this one by ASOS:

ASOS Midi Dress

ASOS Midi Dress

Coldplay – Life in Technicolor

An old Coldplay song that I can’t seem to stop playing on my iPod, so good and love the video too.

Science Museum Lates: Science of the heart

Haven’t been to one of these in soo long, may end up going on Wednesday 27th February.

Science Musuem Lates

Science Musuem Lates