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You gotta go there to come back – time to de-stress at the Gower Peninsula

Langland Bay

Road down to the North Gower marshes, early summer's day

Whenever I get stressed, I remember what my specialist told me – get out of London and go somewhere tranquil. Two of my favourite past-times are walking and photography, I was perusing Flickr and came across the above stunning photos. I’m in need of some Gower (Welsh: Gwyr or Penrhyn Gŵyr) time, booked my hotel and am in the process of planning my wardrobe, have to ditch the heels unfortunately but just ordered these cute rose stripe shoes by Taylor Swift from Keds, and my favourite high-rise style Maria by J Brand in Impression; these fit like a glove. I can speak a bit of Welsh, so I love how I can make a room go silent when I give it a go, I look exotic but I’m not at all! Now all that’s needed is to dig out the Canon, please let the weather be good…

Keds Taylor Swift Rose Stripe Shoes

Keds Taylor Swift Rose Stripe Shoes

J Brand Maris in Impression

J Brand Maris in Impression


Gower Peninsula

Like you were a bird - Explored

After studying hard these last couple of months, I’m planning to devote more time to activities that I enjoy in 2011, starting with photography. Firstly I’ll be investing in a better SLR camera + lenses (hopefully the January sales will prove fruitful), and then will book a short break to a place where I’ve always wanted to visit – The Gower. A few people have mentioned The Gower is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a short break; combining two things I love – walking & nature photography.

The lull before the storm 2

After browsing Gower photos on Flickr (these two stunning photos were taken by Geoff Mock, click on photos for a larger view), I can see why it appeals to a photographer. The Gower (Penrhyn Gwyr) is a peninsula on the south west coast of Wales, and in 1956 was designated an area of outstanding natural beauty – it’s not hard to see why! 

Castell Coch in Cardiff

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Castell Coch is a beautiful 19th-century ‘fairy tale’ castle in the north of Cardiff. I last visited the castle in July last year for a family wedding. The room where the ceremony took place was full of charm – ceilings and walls intricately hand-painted. The small castle is surrounded by woodlands, where people often take walks or cycle (I can’t imagine cycling up the steep hill towards the castle – far too exhausting!).

Lets face it, every girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and the quaintness of the castle provides a magical venue for a wedding – I was jealous!

A word of advice! – if you’re wearing sky-high heels, be careful walking up the drawbridge – I’m surprised I didn’t trip up 🙂

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